Texas Grandparents Rights

grandparents rightsGrandparents have rights. It is often assumed that only the parents can take custody of a child or have a right to visitation. This is simply not the case. Not all families are the same, and you may be in a situation in which you have established a closer relationship with your grandchild than the parents have.

You may have taken your grandchild in for a number of years and raised them or you may have recently been denied access to them because of a divorce. No matter the circumstances, you should fight for the right to see your grandchild and develop a relationship with them.

If the family situation is especially precarious, it may be necessary for you to step in and do what is necessary to look after the well-being of your grandchild. In Texas, there is no statutory law to determine proper custody. If the court has determined that the parents are deceased, incompetent, or otherwise unable to care for the child, then grandparent visitation rights can be granted.

Grandparent visitation rights may also be granted if the court determines that the child has been neglected or abused, if the child has been deemed a delinquent in need of supervision, or if they have lived with the grandparents for 6 months within 24 months of filing. All of these are issues to be examined and assessed by the court. To get a ruling that is favorable to your position as a grandparent, you need a Corpus Christi TX family lawyer.

The Law Office of Steve Lopez, PLLC is a firm that specializes in family law Corpus Christi. They have extensive experience in dealing with grandparent rights cases, and they can help you get the access you need to your grandchild.

When it comes to the law, you cannot take anything for granted. Even if you have been the only one looking after your grandchild for some time, you must still work to establish your legal right to visit them regularly. A Corpus Christi TX family attorney can help you do that. Your attorney will be able to bring the facts and the relevant bits of law to bear on the case, so that you can continue to be a loving and caring grandparent.

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