Temporary Order: What Is It?

temporary order

After filing for divorce, many people request a temporary hearing so that a court can make decisions regarding important issues like child custody, child support and spousal support. Decisions made by the court are incorporated into a temporary order, which remains in place until a divorce is finalized. 

Temporary hearings are generally shorter than final hearings because judges are not making a determination about all issues in the case, only certain decisions which must be made right away. Many temporary hearings only last about 30 minutes, while a final hearing may last several hours or days. 

A family lawyer in Corpus Christi can help you prepare for an upcoming temporary hearing. Because you are only allowed limited time, you can improve your odds of receiving a decision in your favor if an attorney prepares you to testify about the most important aspects of your case. An attorney will be familiar with the procedural requirements of the courtroom as well as what judges like to hear from witnesses when making decisions regarding custody and visitation. 

At a temporary hearing, you may be required to testify about your relationship with your child if child custody is at issue, such as how much time you spend with the child and how you discipline the child. You may be asked about housing arrangements. 

If child support is at issue, you may be required to provide information to the court in the form of pay stubs and tax records. A Corpus Christi TX family lawyer can subpoena any witnesses that you want to be present at the temporary hearing to corroborate your testimony. 

Temporary hearings last until a divorce is finalized. If you are awarded custody at a temporary hearing, it is important to comply with all court orders because the judge could rule differently at the final hearing. 

If you have questions about temporary hearings and temporary orders, contact a Corpus Christi family lawyer at The Law Office of Steve Lopez, PLLC to schedule a consultation.

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