Divorce: Minimize the Negative Impact on Your Children

Put Kids First in Divorce Proceedings

The Law Office of Steve Lopez encourages divorcing parents to work together to minimize the negative impact of their separation on their children. Below, we will outline some of the most important factors in maintaining a sense of peace and normalcy for the children of divorcing parents:

Don’t say too much and don’t speak negatively of your ex.
Any Corpus Christi divorce attorney will tell you that kids hear more than we think they do and they have a unique ability to turn anything they hear into their own fault. Saying that Dad has a gambling problem or a child to mean that they, themselves, have created financial strain can easily interpret that Mom overspends. Children might also feel a sense of commitment to the other parent to report back what they have heard said, which is a slippery slope to landing them in an unfair game of back and forth.

Never make a child choose a side.
Neither party is divorcing their child, nor is the child divorcing their parent. Let your child continue to love both parents and do your best to remind them that while the family is changing, it is not coming to an end and both parents love them very much.

Take your time with new people and experiences.
Don’t rush to move out of town and don’t introduce any new friends or romantic interests too early. Your child is still getting used to their new life and any change- no matter how good for them- might be seen as an obstacle or threat to their relationship with the other parent. Waiting until a child is ready to move forward will allow them to heal and grow from the experience rather than suffer or feel challenged.

Take care of yourself.
It’s been said that you can’t pour from an empty cup. This is especially true than in dealing with children of divorce. Find the right divorce attorney in Corpus Christi TX, attend counseling if needed, and allow yourself to view the change as a new start. Your kids will follow.

Your attorney will be able to help you if the other parent acts out of order. Putting your children first is the biggest step you can take in a divorce and the right attorney will help you ensure that the whole family comes through the change unscathed. Contact The Law Office of Steven Lopez to determine your next available move.

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