Conservatorship: Differences Between Joint Managing And Sole Managing Conservatorship

conservatorshipWhen a couple divorces, complex issues arise regarding custody. Whether it’s medical care, educational issues, or other situations, it’s vital legal agreements be in place to protect the child’s best interests. To accomplish this, courts will create a joint managing conservatorship or a sole managing conservatorship. To protect your interests during these proceedings, consult with an experienced Corpus Christi family lawyer.

Joint Managing Conservatorship 

In this arrangement, both parents are awarded legal rights and responsibilities pertaining to a child’s medical care, education, and other important aspects. In most cases, the court as the custodial parent, allowing them to decide the child’s residence, will designate one parent in this agreement. The other parent, designated as the non-primary parent, will have the right to have limited access to the child, such as weekends, holidays, and other times.

Sole Managing Conservatorship 

If the court instead decides to create a sole managing conservatorship, it may be a good idea for you to seek the advice of a Corpus Christi TX family attorney. Under this arrangement, both parents will still have certain rights pertaining to the child’s best interests. However, the parent who is assigned as the sole managing conservator will be granted exclusive rights to not only designate the child’s primary residence, but also to give consent to medical care such as surgeries and other procedures.

Reasons for Sole Managing Conservatorship 

If you are working with a Texas family lawyer, there may be a variety of reasons why the court chooses a sole managing conservatorship. In most cases, it will involve a history of family violence, criminal activity, substance abuse, or neglect.

To ensure your rights are protected in these legal proceedings, always hire a skilled and knowledgeable Corpus Christi attorney who has experience in these cases. By doing so, both you and your child will have a positive future moving forward.


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