Can My Attorney Fee’s Be Covered by Child Support Payments?

child supportThough rare, it is possible to get a child support arrangement that includes your child’s other parent paying your attorney fees. This type of situation is on a case by case basis, so you will typically need someone who is an expert in Corpus Christi family law to navigate this type of legal case. Here’s what you need to know about using child support to pay for attorney fees.

What Are Texas’s Laws About Child Support Usage?
The Texas laws about what you can and cannot use child support for are a little more lax than other states. There is not a strict list limiting your spending. Texas primarily leaves spending up to the discretion of the custodial parent as long as the parent is using them for child related expenses. This is generally things like tuition, after school care, clothes, food, toys, and housing, not attorney fees.

Can You Get Extra Child Support for Attorney’s Fees?
Though you should not be using your regular child support payments to cover your attorney fees, Texas law does allow for add-ons to child support. There have been past cases where a judge required one parent to pay another parent’s fees for an attorney as part of child support. However, the parent had to prove that the attorney’s fees are being used for the benefit of the child. For example, if you hired a divorce lawyer in Corpus Christi to make sure your ex pays child support, this could benefit the child and result in child support payments.

If your child’s other parent is making you spend a lot in attorney fees, talk to The Law Office of Steve Lopez, PLLC . According to Texas child support laws, our professional and experienced team may have the grounds to argue that your child support payments should include money for attorney fees. Set up a consultation today by calling (361) 993-9993.

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