Can I Modify Child Support in Texas?

modify child supportHow a Child Support Order can be Modified 

You will need the help of a divorce lawyer in Corpus Christi if you want to modify your child support. The only way that your child support can be modified is with a court order. You and your partner may verbally agree to change the child support. However, it is not valid unless it is approved by the court.

When can a Child Support Order be Modified? 

There are only two broad conditions that allow child support to be modified. One of the following terms must be met in order for child support to be modified.

  • The child support order is over three-years-old, and the modification would change the payment amount by $100 or 20 percent.
  • The person who is requesting the change has a substantial or material change in their circumstances.

What is Considered a Material or Substantial Change?

Texas Family Code does not provide a list of things that are considered material or substantial changes. However, the following things are typically taken into consideration when modifying child support.

  • A decrease or increase in income
  • Job loss
  • The physical and psychological needs of the child
  • Changes in medical insurance
  • Changes in the child’s living arrangements
  • The person who is paying child support has more children.

The Importance of Contacting A Corpus Christi TX Family Lawyer

It is important to note that a change in circumstances will not automatically cause your child support payments to increase or decrease. That is why you will need to call  The Law Office of Steve Lopez, PLLC  as soon as possible if you want to modify your child support. Your attorney will tell you about the rights that you have. They can also represent you in court.

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